When the lady w…

When the lady with the swish coat and the expensive shoes doesn’t give the beggar a pound on the street, it’s because she’s giving ten to a charity and sure, that’s the greater good. Sure, of course it is. It’s giving more, probably to be used better. But it isn’t compassion. To look away from someone in pain because you know that your e-account is paying monthly contributions to the ‘greater good’; to walk on by while all those people suffer and die because you’ve got a cause and a big sense of perspective… says something about the soul.

A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin

Trapped inside my own body

trappedMy biological clock is all messed up.

For around a year or two I’ve been constantly trying to fix it. I often have long periods of time when my sleeping cycle makes no sense at all. Usually the reason is that I have projects I need to rush, or I was so into my work, I got some kind of tunnel vision and nothing else matter anymore. Or it’s just that I had so many tedious errands during daytime so I felt like I wasted my day. I just cannot sleep at night, then crash at dawn.

I’ve been trying many things to get rid of my insomnia, and recently I have turned to a desperation solution : sleeping pills. Read More…

Yay! I’m nominated

I was at my friend’s place to watch the Euro Cup Final, even our drinking game based on players kick the ball out of court couldn’t save it from being so damn BORING !!!! During the match my cellphone gave me a notification of an email, one of my favorite writers on WordPress  had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. So to show my appreciation there are a few things I need to do now that I’m home :

1. Nominate and link to 10 other bloggers :

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Max Payne 3 , disgustingly beautiful


I played the first two games right when they came out, which mean I was too young and my English was too inadequate to completely appreciated their story. I spent a lot of times shooting through the first one without using bullet time and if MP2 has the achievement for killing every enemy with a single headshot I would already have it. But I remember very vaguely about the V drug and …err… what not of their story.
So the third one came out recently and blaming childhood reminiscent, I cannot be more excited.

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Stealing Beauty and what someone want to do with that person’s life

I watched Stealing Beauty for the first time when I was very young, maybe five years ago. The person that I am changes drastically each year, and I alway try to grow up while keeping things that are beautiful of my youth. The film left many impression on me, but there is one thing that I remember the most and still believe in.

The film is about a journey of a young American girl in Tuscan, Italia. It started out as a summer vacation visit, but what really drive her here is to discover the truth about her mother and her real father, and about her growing out of being a girl. Read More…



Goon is like a fist, simple but pack the force of a freight train.

I started off my afternoon as I start surfing through the pile of new movies. Road Trip, the flick which was named after my favorite gerne, didn’t do it for me, so after 10 minutes of it trying to grab my attention, I hit Goon, and I have no regret of doing so.

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parse Float

var providedString : String;

var neededFloat : float;

neededFloat = float.Parse( providedString , System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.NumberFormat );

Note: might depend on OS